Apr 18, 2011

Road to Emmaus - Israel Re-visited

December 2008 can be called a spiritual turning point in my life. That was the time I visited Israel, God's Holy Land.

It's truly amazing to walk in the footsteps of Jesus - Jerusalem, Capernaum, Galilee, and many more places of the Bible. Nothing beats being there, and seeing for myself the land that flows with milk and honey!

It was also because of the trip that I started reading the bible and finding out more about God and His promised land more intently, and God surely rewarded me as the scales fell from my eyes, so to speak, as He opened my eyes to His amazing Grace and Love!

Just as the two disciples broke bread with Jesus (whom they didn't realise was Jesus!) while on the road to Emmaus (Luke 24:13-35), they suddenly saw the light and realised that they were in the presence of Jesus! Yes, His amazing love does that to you.

I'm sharing a video of my time in Israel. Viewing the video is a way for me to re-visit Israel, and re-encounter my memorable moments there. I hope that it will take you on your Road to Emmaus too.

God bless!

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